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With all the immense change happening in Toronto’s Downtown Core, Ward 21 needs a Councillor who has the professional skills, knowledge, agility and proven experience working with local residents’ groups, businesses, government and community partners. Suzanne Kavanagh is that person. There are few people in this city with as much passion and understanding for the technical and social forces shaping our city and parks like Suzanne. As a college educator, public school volunteer, residents’ association president, heritage district advisory group chair, and leader of one of the city’s most respected and effective community development advisory committees, Suzanne has been both an articulate advocate and caring steward for various communities throughout Ward 21.

I chose to move to the downtown neighbourhood I am in (within Ward 21) after coming across comments Suzanne made in various major features in the Toronto Star regarding changing local streetscapes and the unique opportunities the city offers for living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. That’s the insight I see guiding the work Suzanne continues to do as a local leader and voice representing the interests of constituents in her various volunteer roles. Suzanne has the local relationships, the experience, the deep commitment and the clarity of voice needed to serve as the next Councillor for Ward 21.

Sharon McMillan
St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, President