Suzanne’s #100Endorsements

Public Service isn’t just something Suzanne does, it’s in her DNA and why she wakes up every morning. After announcing her City Council candidacy in Ward 21, supporters from those communities began reaching out to provide support for Suzanne.

Until the election on October 22nd, visit this page and Twitter for new Endorsements, we’ll be releasing 100 in total – you probably have a neighbour or friend on this list. Find out why they’re supporting Suzanne’s history of community building, safer streets activism and better transit advocacy and visit the Ward 21 Ideas page to learn more.

We need proven leadership in Ward 21 that knows how to get things done at City Hall, that’s Suzanne.


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Kelly Wilson, Vice President, Development, Concert Properties Ltd.

Suzanne is a strong advocate for the ward. She is not afraid to push back with developers to ensure new projects are in keeping with the context of the neighbourhood. She is not NIMBY and is not easily swayed either. She would be a Councillor who can jump in and continue to serve the community.

Kelly Wilson
Vice President, Development
Concert Properties Ltd.

Peter Tomlinson, SLNA Development Committee Member

As a member of the SLNA Development Committee I've been deeply impressed by Suzanne's hard work and dedication.   As Chair of the Committee her role was voluntary, but she worked full time anyway— to support good development applications and oppose bad ones.   As a result, she's uniquely qualified for election to City Council.

Peter Tomlinson
SLNA Development Committee Member

Art Phillips, Director of Development, Larco Investments Ltd.

In the two years that I have known Suzanne Kavanagh I can say without hesitation that she is far from being complacent.  What we have taken note from our first meeting when addressing the redevelopment of our King Street property is that she places her community of St. Lawrence at the top of the priority list and that party politics has never come into the discussions. It is this non-partisan approach that has been the most effective when addressing the community and the future of a strong community.

By agreeing to start a dialog early in the process we believe that a win-win situation has been created and our development has benefited from her involvement.  While we realize that the community comes first in her decision-making process, we respect her input and that of the community. By developing our projects with strong community support we hope that it will become the community that takes pride in the future development and that we become a good community Neighbourhood.

We support Suzanne’s bid to become the Ward Councillor and trust that the community will embrace the leadership that she has demonstrated over the past years.

Art Phillips
Director of Development, Larco Investments Ltd.

James Bar

Suzanne's passion and natural leadership is evident when she is working on city building initiatives. She is at the table working with the neighbourhood and developers to ensure that new development integrates and contributes to the vitality of the St. Lawrence and the City of Toronto. 

James Bar


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Rollo Myers, Heritage Advocate

Who better to carry on the prudent, vigilant work of addressing development needs in the historic area “where Toronto began” than someone who has been involved at so many levels for so long?

Suzanne Kavanagh has been on the board of the Town of York Historical Society; the Parliament Site Working Group; Chair of the SLNA Development Committee; the North Market Working Group; Chair of the Heritage Conservation District Committee; Lower Sherbourne Pedestrian Promenade Improvements; to name a few. Tireless, effective, dedicated to involving residents, visitors, and businesses -- a balancing-act that requires Suzanne’s skill, local knowledge and in-depth experience. Suzanne Kavanagh is exactly what we need and deserve for Ward 21.

Rollo Myers
Heritage Advocate

Eleonora Caldato, President, Mangia et Bevi

Suzanne is a dynamic collaborator and a passionate citizen who cares a thousand-fold for her neighbourhood.  Besides residing in the neighbourhood for many years she has always been involved with many of the local neighbourhood associations and has been a strong collaborator with the BIA. Her passion for heritage and the neighbourhood is evident in everything that she does.

One of the things I admire about her is the keen interest she shows for residents and businesses alike where she advocates and supports without partisanship. Ward 21 will be well served by her.

Eleonora Caldato, President
Mangia et Bevi

Odysseas Gounalakis, Owner, Scheffler's Delicatessen

I have known Suzanne for many years and what I know is her care for the neighbourhood. She knows how important heritage is, everything from the special lighting to making sure the north market does not lose the heritage artifacts.  She will be an excellent Councillor and not afraid to stand up for the community needs.

Odysseas Gounalakis
Owner, Scheffler's Delicatessen 

David S. Crawford, Chair, Heritage Committee. St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

Over the past decade Suzanne Kavanagh has been a vocal and effective heritage enthusiast but she is also a realist and accepts that everything old is not heritage and that there are imaginative ways to protect and preserve our built heritage while still allowing for appropriate and sensitive development. Ward 21, which includes Toronto’s “First Ten Blocks”, is under a great deal of development pressure and Suzanne understands that heritage protection and development can occur together. Electing Suzanne as our Councillor will help us to ensure that the important buildings and views of our neighbourhood’s  historic past are conserved and preserved.  

David S Crawford
Chair, Heritage Committee.  St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

Kevin Both President, Town of York Historical Society Toronto’s First Post Office

Suzanne’s commitment to this City is unquestionable.  Her dedication, knowledge and respect for heritage makes her an ideal candidate for Ward 21.  Having worked with Suzanne on the Board of Directors for The Town of York Historical Society has been a terrific learning experience.  Suzanne’s impact and passion for built heritage is on display across the core of the city, and her leadership in Council will be sure to have a positive and lasting impression on the future of neighbourhoods and communities across Toronto.

Kevin Both
President, Town of York Historical Society Toronto’s First Post Office

Kat Akerfeldt, Executive Director, Toronto's First Post Office & The Town of York Historical Society

Heritage I was honoured to work with Suzanne as part of her service on the Town of York Historical Society board. Suzanne regularly took on the largest projects without hesitation, and sorted the most complicated problems with an ease that impressed me very much. She is an amazing problem-solver, is able to process new situations quickly, and make complex concepts easily understood. Her passion and level of participation in our community is incredible, and this energy is backed up by a deep knowledge how citizen groups, government, and businesses operate. If anyone can build a city that works, Kavanagh can!

Kat Akerfeldt
Executive Director, Toronto's First Post Office & The Town of
York Historical Society

Cathy W. Community Member

Suzanne is a community warrior.  For Old Town Toronto she has consistently fought for and won the protection and enhancement of the of this most historic part of our city  - - the north Market with its porcupine drain and new community space, historical significance of the First Parliament site and new green space,  heritage designation for the original ten blocks and heritage lighting of major edifices, and Farquhar’s Lane project to name a few.  All who live, work and visit here benefit from her leadership.

Cathy W.
Community Member

Judith Nagata, St. Lawrence Resident

As a member/delegate to the St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) for the past 10 years, I have  had the privilege of observing and benefitting from the dedication and accomplishments of Suzanne Kavanagh as SLNA President. I know I am not alone in respecting the incredible energy, efficiency and sheer doggedness, with which Suzanne has championed the interests and needs of local residents in Ward 28. These have required her to become familiar, even expert,  in issues of heritage, zoning laws, traffic matters, lakeshore development, and not least in mastering the arcane details of the OMB and the impact of development on local residential communities. In these capacities, she has shown herself as a skilled and respected networker, between the local Business Development Association, City Hall, transport officials, architects, historians and innumerable other local groups. Suzanne’s long support and partnership with Councillor Pam McConnell, (whose loss we all regret), benefitted so many in representing our particular downtown concerns to the municipal council. Now we need Suzanne more than ever, to continue her record of commitment to our neighbourhood,  for continuity and name recognition. It is essential that our next Councillor be “one of us”, part of an existing organic community who in turn will turn out to support here. No more parachuting in of Councillors from beyond our area, who have no connection with, or interest, in our issues. We already have plenty of those at other levels of government, and city Councillors provide an essential cog in our democracy. Arguably there is no–one comparable to Suzanne as a representative for this constituency.

Judith Nagata
St. Lawrence Resident

Michael McClelland, Principal, ERA Architects

Suzanne is a known and trusted voice in the St Lawrence neighbourhood. ! I first met her more than decade ago when she was encouraging George Brown students to study the history of their neighbourhood. Whether on the SLNA board or the Parliament Site Working Group her focus has continued to be understanding and valuing what matters in St Lawrence. Suzanne is able to straightforwardly bring people together, create a forum for discussion, and facilitate thoughtful and decisive solutions. Suzanne is an excellent candidate for City Council.

Michael McClelland,
Principal, ERA Architects 

Sandra Shaul

Suzanne would be an excellent addition to Council given her vast hands-on negotiating and planning experience related to dramatic development, economic issues and heritage in her neighbourhood.

Sandra Shaul

Brian McElwain Resident, St. Lawrence

Heritage Because Suzanne Kavanagh has been the President of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) and devoted her time, support, knowledge and experience in protecting the character of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood as well as being a long-time resident in the area, I take great pride in offering my endorsement of Suzanne as Councillor of Ward 21 in this October 2018 Municipal Toronto election.

Brian McElwain
Resident, St. Lawrence

Community Activism

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Gil Penalosa, Founder and Chair, 8 80 Cities

We need new blood at City Council, people with vision and guts to do what is right, not what is easy. Suzanne is that person.

Gil Penalosa,
Founder and Chair, 8 80 Cities

Cynthia Wilkey, 2015 Jane Jacobs Prize winner.

Suzanne’s involvement with the community over many years has given her a depth of experience and strong connections to the community and to City Hall staff. She is already a force for the community and city building within the downtown and waterfront. She is proactive, rather than reactive. Her constructive, collaborative approach to building consensus gets results.

Cynthia Wilkey
2015 Jane Jacobs Prize winner.

Sharon McMillan, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, President

With all the immense change happening in Toronto's Downtown Core, Ward 21 needs a Councillor who has the professional skills, knowledge, agility and proven experience working with local residents' groups, businesses, government and community partners. Suzanne Kavanagh is that person. There are few people in this city with as much passion and understanding for the technical and social forces shaping our city and parks like Suzanne. As a college educator, public school volunteer, residents' association president, heritage district advisory group chair, and leader of one of the city's most respected and effective community development advisory committees, Suzanne has been both an articulate advocate and caring steward for various communities throughout Ward 21.  I chose to move to the downtown neighbourhood I am in (within Ward 21) after coming across comments Suzanne made in various major features in the Toronto Star regarding changing local streetscapes and the unique opportunities the city offers for living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. That's the insight I see guiding the work Suzanne continues to do as a local leader and voice representing the interests of constituents in her various volunteer roles. Suzanne has the local relationships, the experience, the deep commitment and the clarity of voice needed to serve as the next Councillor for Ward 21. 

Sharon McMillan
St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, President

John Wilson

I think Suzanne Kavanagh is the best choice for Ward 21 Councillor. I’ve worked closely with her on the West Don Lands Committee and Waterfront for All, and she has an amazing capacity to get things done. She is passionate about making Ward 21 a great place to live, and she will fight to make it right. She has been a proven community leader for over a decade, she has your back, and she won’t back down. Suzanne is always the first choice for my team.

John Wilson

Harvey Kaye, Condo Board Member

Suzanne and I have a long history. First as good neighbours in our Condominium, then as she was a Director and President of the Board of Directors for several years. In all those years, I believe the first word that comes to mind about Suzanne, is trustworthy. I always have believed that Suzanne was, first and foremost, out to do what was right for the community, while dealing with local issues, always keeping an eye on the big picture. When she said she would do something, it was always done and done right, and on schedule. If any difficulties were encountered, people involved were always kept up to date.

As a volunteer leader on our Board of Directors, she was always fair, listened to input from all members as appropriate, working to build consensus.  Never dictating, the role of President on a Condo board is pretty limited, and she never stepped outside that role as defined in the legislation, declaration and by-laws of the corporation. Many hours of her time were spent dealing with issues and problems as they arose, often outside the role of director, many times just because things needed doing and things got done.

Suzanne was also a volunteer member of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood association for as long as I can remember, several years as President. Always advocating for the community, working with developers, local government and most importantly residents and businesses of the community, working towards the betterment of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood for all.

Suzanne is a very strong and intelligent champion for the community, both for the smaller condo community, the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, as well as the city and province as a whole.

I would not hesitate to work with Suzanne again, both under her leadership, or as a peer. 

Harvey Kaye
Condo Board Member

Sabina Sormova, President of Longboat Association

I have worked closely with Suzanne on the Metrolinx Community Advisory Committee, which‎ she worked hard to create for the purpose of voicing and addressing ‎residents' concerns about the rail corridor expansion‎.  Suzanne took time to understand the issues and then she actively pushed for effective mitigation measures to minimize the impacts of construction and future operations on communities that live right next to the rail corridor. 


Sabina Sormova
President of Longboat Association

Thomas Junek, Owner, ODIN Café + Bar

As a business owner and community activist in Ward 21, I have come to know Suzanne Kavanagh, through the years, as a fearless and tireless advocate of our community. With her dedicated involvement on behalf of/and with both the SLNA (St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association) and the CRBA (Corktown Residents & Business Association), I have seen, first hand Suzanne’s work in both supporting entrepreneurs, as well as taking the lead in starting much needed community initiatives (such as the Underpass Farmers Market). Equally versed in matters of importance to residents and business owners, being fair, balanced, compassionate (and a great listener), I believe Suzanne is the person Ward 21 needs to represent all our best interests.

Thomas Junek
ODIN Café + Bar

Zoie Browne, Neighbour

Suzanne, I’m so excited for you to become Councillor for Ward 21! I cannot think of a better representative.

Zoie Browne

Nancy Wigston, PhD.

“I’ve known Suzanne Kavanagh for several years during my work as a community volunteer and have a deep respect for her knowledge, understanding, and commitment to the issues that matter to our neighbourhood. A woman of boundless energy and enthusiasm, a true problem-solver, I cannot overstate my belief that Suzanne Kavanagh  would make an excellent addition to city government.”

Nancy Wigston, PhD.

Rhonda Ross, St. Lawrence Resident

As a long-term active resident - Suzanne Kavanagh has not just been an effective leader & contributor, she has been a consistent  strong voice for the community.

Rhonda Ross,
St. Lawrence Resident

Paulette Touby, Publisher, The Bulletin

As publisher of a well-received and widely distributed community newspaper The Bulletin,  I can attest to Suzanne's years of long commitment to the downtown neighbourhoods. She has served and in some instances, continues to serve on the board of Toronto's First Post Office, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse and as president of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association.

The Bulletin interviewed Suzanne on many occasions as the most widely knowledgeable person regarding many issues including development in the downtown core.

Paulette Touby,
Publisher, The Bulletin

Barb Cotie, Educational Assistant, Sick Kids

My involvement in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association has been rewarding and I attribute this mostly to Suzanne's leadership. Her in-depth knowledge of the issues that face the neighbourhood and her ability to advocate for the community is self-evident. So is her determination and ability to connect with people. One feels confident that in Suzanne's hands things get done. She would be valuable voice at city council - advancing not only the issues of the neighbourhood but those facing the city at large. 

Kristine Morris
Resident, St. Lawrence

Jennifer Goheen, George Brown College Colleague

Having worked with Suzanne for 10 years, I can full heartedly say that her commitment to her community is priority.  She is always thinking of strategic ways to make the community better and inclusive to everyone.  Suzanne has been a person who I admire for her leadership, as she is always able to take charge and make a positive impact wherever she is.

Jennifer Goheen
George Brown College Colleague

Dario Guescini, Director, Work Integrated Learning, George Brown College

Suzanne is a dedicated professional who is committed to personal and team success. Her interpersonal skills are inspirational. She has always done an outstanding job in supporting everyone on her team to adapt effectively to their specific roles. Her particular and adaptable leadership style and her strong understanding of social and emotional intelligence helped her create and enhance a positive and collaborative community from students to peers and administrators at all levels of our organization. It has been a pleasure to work with Suzanne and I look forward to seeing her future achievements.


Dario Guescini
Director, Work Integrated Learning, George Brown College

Melville Olsberg, J.P.Olsberg Paralegal Services

Community Activism I am well acquainted with Ms. Suzanne Kavanagh and her long-time involvement in many areas of volunteer work in Toronto, especially the ward in which she is a candidate for the position of City Councillor. Suzanne gives freely of her time in many executive areas providing good positive leadership as well as a hands-on approach to any job in hand. There are many people and organizations which have greatly benefitted from her Herculean efforts to ensure that all areas, especially dealing with people, are well served. I can also attest to her many interactions with many organizations concerned with benefiting the area.

Melville Olsberg J.P.
Olsberg Paralegal Services

Adam Roy Cohoon, Artist/Access Advocate, West Don Lands/Corktown

I believe Suzanne Kavanagh is the right person to be our city councilor because she is already very involved in the community advocating on many issues that she has strong understanding of. She also understands how even small changes to the community can have lasting effects and watches out for them accordingly. I like that better than somebody who decides to run for city council, then gets involved in the issues. I would be a lot happier with a representative who has been on the ground floor at a community level.

Adam Roy Cohoon
Artist/Access Advocate, West Don Lands/Corktown

Joe Singh, Owner, The Optical Zone

I have known Suzanne for over 20 years and she has always been engaged in her community. She is caring and thoughtful and is deeply committed to this community. She is practical, she sees things as they should be and makes it happen. She is proactive and creative. The ward will be the winner when Suzanne is elected.

Joe Singh
Owner, The Optical Zone

Lynn Robinson, Wards Island Resident

Suzanne has been great on the noise beat, always smart, energetic, cheerful, and helpful. She will make a great Councillor.

Lynn Robinson,
Wards Island Resident

Shirley Lewis, 55 The Esplanade Resident

Suzanne Kavanagh gets things done!!! She's insistent, and she's nice about it. She also makes sure she knows what she's talking about and gets the facts straight before she acts. She listens to her constituents, and makes her judgements based on measured research and common sense. I trust her judgement. That's why I think she'd make a good Councillor for ward 21.

Shirley Lewis
55 The Esplanade Resident

Max Dean, Multidisciplinary Artist

A community is all about conversations and Suzanne Kavanagh is a great and very generous facilitator. She enables and connects individuals and groups. Her enthusiasm, sincerity and openness are exemplary.

Max Dean
Multidisciplinary Artist

Shaun Pearen, Friends of Berczy Park

I've known Suzanne for the last eight years, initially through her hands-on volunteer work in the St Lawrence community. I am impressed by her commitment to understanding and serving the needs of everyone who lives here, from long-time residents who have seen the growth and change our neighbourhood has undergone, to working families, newcomers and young professionals who have recently discover the great lifestyle our community offers. Suzanne is truly passionate about our ward and our city, and she has worked tirelessly to support and improve the services and programs that are important to community members, often by cutting through red tape, building partnerships between parties, and driving fresh solutions.

Shaun Pearen
Friends of Berczy Park

Sally Han, Sculpture Garden

All credit goes to the community and the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Assocation who kept advocating for the re-animation of the park, and to the terrific team led by Catherine. I'm so pleased that there is a thoughtful work of art in the public realm that makes visible the invisible history of women's labour and perhaps  gently poses questions about where that work is now.  

Sally Han
Sculpture Garden

Larry Webb, Corktown Resident

I rarely endorse anyone because you never really know who the person really is.  But with Suzanne Kavanagh, whom I have known for 9 years, there is no doubt; she is genuine, community minded, a supporter of the under-privileged, and incredibly energetic.  When she acts, she acts quickly and with fire.  What’s not to like!!?

Larry Webb
Corktown Resident

Don James, St. Lawrence Resident

During my decade tenure as a Delegate and six-years as 51 Division CPLC Liaison for the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, I can attest to Suzanne Kavanagh’s dedication and commitment as Past-President and Board Member to the SLNA.

Her enthusiasm for keeping the vision of our neighbourhood’s heritage an important issue has never waned.


Suzanne was never lacking in keeping the needs of the neighbourhood in focus in spite of developments desired pressure to alter harmonious environment and atmosphere. 

Although, outside of my jurisdiction and given the brevity of our exchanges, such as they were, they prove to warrant support as her focus to serve her community is paramount and must not go unnoticed.

Don James
St. Lawrence Resident

Valerie Scovill

Suzanne Kavanagh is one of the most organized and hardest working people I know. She is an intelligent and dedicated listener, and when she is in your corner, you can have no greater champion. As a long-time resident of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood, she has a deep understanding of the changes the area has experienced, as well as the possibilities and challenges moving forward. Through her volunteer work, she has had a great deal of experience building both community and partnerships. If given the opportunity to represent the neighbourhood municipally, the residents will have a thoughtful and devoted advocate on their side.

Valerie Scovill

Peter Tumidajski, Former Colleague, George Brown College

Enthusiasm, passion, skilled and focused were my first impressions in 2006 when I hired Suzanne to lead a program helping internationally trained professionals find work. As an amazing connector with an uncanny ability to bring people together, anything Suzanne turns her hands to will be done and done well!

Peter Tumidajski
Former Colleague, George Brown College

John Hardy, Former Colleague, George Brown College

Suzanne Kavanagh has been a friend and colleague over many years, 13 years of which as neighbors in the St. Lawrence Neighborhood.   I have found Suzanne to be an honorable, committed and energetic advocate for the community.  She would make an excellent Councilor for Ward 21.  She has my vote!


John Hardy
Former Colleague, George Brown College

Barb Cotie, Educational Assistant, Sick Kids

Suzanne volunteered her time in the Hospital Sick Kids Epilepsy Classroom as Roots of Empathy lead for several years. The students always looked forward to Suzanne coming into the classroom. She was always kind and understanding of each students’ needs. If needed, she would adapt her lessons accordingly to meet these needs. Suzanne would always communicate with the classroom staff regarding the Roots of Empathy Program. She will be missed by the classroom. Wishing Suzanne, all the best in her next adventure as Councillor for Ward 21.

Barb Cotie
Educational Assistant, Sick Kids

Ian Morrison, President, Spire Condominium

Suzanne is a natural leader! I have come to value her collaboration on issues affecting our St. Lawrence neighbourhood and look forward to her future contributions on City Council to strengthen the Toronto community.

Ian Morrison, President, Spire Condominium

Cheryl Hendrie, Academic & Treatment Associate, Sick Kids

We have had the pleasure of having Suzanne in the Epilepsy Classroom, at the Hospital for Sick Children, for the last 5 years to implement the Roots of Empathy program, as a voluntary instructor. Her enthusiasm and passion for the program was evident. The students, staff and participating families in our specialized program responded very well to Suzanne and her kind disposition. Not only did Suzanne give countless hours to the Roots of Empathy program, but also became an advocate and supporter of our classroom. Suzanne, would be a perfect candidate to fulfill public service needs of the citizens of her community, as a City Councillor. They would be lucky to have her!

Cheryl Hendrie
Academic & Treatment Associate, Sick Kids

Lene Andersen, Resident, St. Lawrence neighbourhood

I have known Suzanne Kavanaugh for several years. In her capacity as President of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, she worked to advocate for the neighbourhood and was tireless in fighting irresponsible development in a historical area. Her ability to establish connections between thought leaders at the local, city-wide, and all political levels were extremely beneficial for the work of the organization. Suzanne is an innovative thinker, collaborator, and is always open to learning from the community.

Lene Andersen,
Resident, St. Lawrence neighbourhood

Jane Robinson, Resident of Gooderham and Worts Neighbourhood

I have known Suzanne for at least 10 years, through our numerous neighbourhood association connections. Over the past 7 years, I have come to appreciate her incredible ability to successfully advocate for neighbourhood developments and issues. She brings a wealth of experience to our area.

Over the years, Suzanne worked very closely with our former Councillor, Pam McConnell. Through this relationship, she has developed a deep understanding of the work of a City Councillor. The knowledge and experience she has gained from such a treasured Councillor is immensely valuable to her candidacy for the upcoming election.

Suzanne’s endless energy and organizational skills, her relationships with the neighbourhoods of Ward 21 and her knowledge of the workings of City Council will make her an excellent representative.

Jane Robinson,
Resident of Gooderham and Worts Neighbourhood

Erin Agnew, Former Colleague, George Brown College

Suzanne is a true leader. She has the ability to inspire others and deeply cares about the community around her. She is a smart passionate person who is always dedicated to the causes that she cares about. I can’t think of a better person to represent Ward 21.

Erin Agnew,
Former Colleague, George Brown College

Lisa Kates, Founding Partner, Building Roots

I met Suzanne when she was President of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association and I saw how dedicated she was to improving the neighbourhood, including being instrumental in starting the Corktown Farmer’s Market in Underpass Park.

Suzanne is always looking for ways to help  and as a Councillor in Ward 21 her hope is to represent the people in Moss Park and other neighbourhoods with her usual zeal and inclusiveness. She has always been an active community member and will be a strong asset in the city.

Lisa Kates,
Founding Partner, Building Roots

Jacquie Williams , St. Lawrence Resident

Living in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Community, Ward 28 has given me the opportunity to know and work beside Suzanne for a number of years. Suzanne is a tireless campaigner, dedicated to her community, and gets things done on whatever project she takes on. Her knowledge of the neighbourhood is extremely impressive and I firmly believe Suzanne is the right person to be our next Councillor in our new Ward 21 and carry on the late Pam McConnell's legacy.

Jacquie Williams
St. Lawrence Resident

Parrish Offer, Distillery Resident

Suzanne is a caring individual who I have had the pleasure to work with in supporting the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association.  She is dedicated to improving peoples’ lives, but is also humble in understanding her strengths, as well as being able to ask for help when she needs it. It’s through her ability to collaborate that she truly achieves her greatness and we would all be lucky as Torontonians to have her represent us on City Council for Ward 21.

Parrish Offer
Distillery Resident

Cherril Baker, David B. Archer Co-op Resident, St. Lawrence

Suzanne will be a great Councillor for our new ward 21. She has the experience, expertise and passion in addition to vast knowledge of issues within the ward. Plus, she was mentored by Pam McConnell.

Cherril Baker,
David B. Archer Co-op Resident, St. Lawrence

Peter Woolstencroft, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo

Suzanne Kavanagh is a superb candidate to represent Ward 21. She brings a rare combination of intelligence and energy to whatever she does. She has the ability to think big, to have a vision for the future PLUS the experience and knowledge necessary for getting things done. In her many years of citizen advocacy, she has learned what is important and what needs to be done to accomplish things. In my fifty years of observing candidates for municipal office, no one is better prepared than Suzanne. 

Peter Woolstencroft
Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo

Louis Tancredi, Resident, St. Lawrence

Suzanne's vast experience working with the community and developers would make an excellent addition to City Hall as a Councillor and member of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee."

Louis Tancredi,
Resident, St. Lawrence

Eti Greenberg, Neighbour, fellow community volunteer

Even though I am not in your ward (but still a neighbour) I have come to appreciate your passion and dedication to our city in your many community efforts. You would make a great City Councillor.

Eti Greenberg,
Neighbour, fellow community volunteer

Katie Bailey, St. Lawrence Resident

Suzanne Kavanagh is one of the most passionate community advocates I have ever met. She cares deeply about the impact of policies on communities and tirelessly volunteers her time to making ours a better place. Suzanne is an ideal public servant: she is informed, articulate and will fight for what's right for the local residents, and the legacy of community-building that David Crombie Park represents. If we want to continue making families, parks and community spaces a focus of this ward, Suzanne is the right person to lead the charge.

Katie Bailey
St. Lawrence Resident

Brenda MacDougall, Resident, St. Lawrence

I am thrilled that Suzanne Kavanagh is running for City Councillor.  I had the pleasure of working with Suzanne when I was a member of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association a few years ago. Her dedication, energy and passion were truly inspiring. I always thought she would be great as our city councilor and hoped one day she would take this step. Suzanne is incredibly smart and has an amazing ability to connect with people. What was truly admirable was how she was able to look at any issue from all sides to come up with the best scenario and plan to move forward. That is exactly the kind of leadership I want in a growing city. The St. Lawrence area is very diverse and very historic. She never once lost sight of those two factors  in an area that was experiencing a lot of development. She will be wonderful as city councilor for our ward and for all of Toronto.

Brenda MacDougall
Resident, St. Lawrence

Bruce Bell, Toronto Historian

"Suzanne's enthusiasm for the future of Toronto is equally matched by her passion to preserve our past. I'm excited for the possibilities of Suzanne's vision. She would be an excellent Councillor for Ward 21". 

Bruce Bell, Toronto Historian

Stéphane Levac, St. Lawrence Resident

I've known Suzanne for several years. In that time, I've seen her work tirelessly for our community, advocating for projects that benefit the whole and not the few, for integration of development instead of disconnection. I'm thankful that she has decided to take up Pam McConnell's mantle and continue her legacy. She is what this community needs!

Stéphane Levac
St. Lawrence Resident

Ronny Yaron, Resident, Woodsworth Co-Op

Over more than five years that I've known Suzanne Kavanagh, she has shown herself to be highly competent, hard-working, and dedicated to working for the betterment of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood.

Ronny Yaron
Resident, Woodsworth Co-Op

Eliza Hagy, Grade 6 St. Michael’s School, St. Lawrence Resident

Suzanne does a great job of planting in our neighbourhood gardens. She organizes fundraisers for schools, breakfast programs and the neighbourhood. I think she can be an amazing leader to kids, adults and our downtown community!!

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Eliza Hagy, Grade 6 St. Michael’s School,
St. Lawrence Resident

Vik Pahwa, Marketview Co-op, St. Lawrence, Toronto

I met Suzanne Kavanagh at a St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) monthly meeting while she was President of the association. I am a resident of the old Ward 28 and attended these meetings fairly regularly. Suzanne managed the SLNA effortlessly and enthusiastically. She is extremely well informed and very pro-active especially around challenging development in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. Without her lead, development would be rampant and less carefully planned in our very sensitive neighbourhood. I believe that our neighbourhood is the vibrant place that it is today thanks to her tireless work. She inspires those around her to get involved and take part in the future of St. Lawrence and I know that she will strive for the best for Ward 21 as Councillor.

Vik Pahwa, Marketview Co-op
St. Lawrence, Toronto

City Wide Issues

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Sharon Comstock, St. Lawrence Resident

Suzanne will bring new blood to City Hall, which is desperately needed, a determined attitude, first-hand knowledge of our ward and most importantly a nonpartisan position on council.  Suzanne has been actively involved in our community for many years and will work well with the other Councillors to achieve what needs to be done.

Sharon Comstock
St. Lawrence Resident

Prof. Alan Barthel, Resident, St. Lawrence

I have lived in Toronto since 1983 and in Ward 21 since 2003.  During the last few years I met Suzanne Kavanagh because of her work as the President of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association.  She is a woman who is thoroughly familiar with our area and conversant with many of the hopes and fears of those of us who work or run businesses in this area.  I’ve found her knowledge of the city and how it should work insightful. She is a good listener and as such allows multi-dimensional and diverse viewpoints to be heard in working toward solutions.  Suzanne is very personable and gracious and I believe she would do an outstanding job of representing our riding.

Prof. Alan Barthel
Resident, St. Lawrence

Norman Di Pasquale

Suzanne was instrumental in helping our fledgling team organize events that exceeded our highest aspirations. When you see the quality of Suzanne’s work, you are inspired to work harder and accomplish more. Suzanne combines organizing skills with an ability to execute, which makes her truly formidable as a city builder.

Norman Di Pasquale

Ed Hore

“I’m chair of Waterfront For All, an umbrella group of residents’ associations, and other groups, interested in the revitalization of the Toronto Waterfront. It’s a volunteer organization, completely reliant on the energy and enthusiasm that volunteers bring to it. Suzanne Kavanagh served on our steering committee, and was indispensable to our success. She threw herself completely into anything that she thought might make our community better. Not only would Suzanne do the things she said she would do, she would always do a far better job than anyone could have reasonably expected. We held a Waterfront Summit in the Fall of 2017, and hundreds of people came. So slick was this event, people thought we had professional event-planners. In fact, it was mostly Suzanne quietly and efficiently working behind the scenes.  Whether the task at hand was arranging a venue for a meeting, setting up an agenda, dealing with catering, smoothing out some last-minute emergency, or eloquently but tactfully suggesting the best strategy for our organization, Suzanne was always completely tireless and efficient. Suzanne is absolutely awesome! She’ll make an excellent City Councillor.”

Ed Hore

Cathy Birch, Accessibility Advocate

Suzanne loves this City. More importantly she understands that the "City" is people. People who have needs. As an advocate for persons with disabilities, my experience with Suzanne has been that when she knows there is a need, she does exactly what she has to in order to meet that need. This is important to make our communities more inclusive. She understands the challenges of peoples’ needs today can rise, the love of our rich history in our neighborhoods, and has worked with vigor to do her best for all. I want that kind of strength to represent us at City Hall.

Cathy Birch
Accessibility Advocate

Robert Biancolin, Carousel Bakery

As a business owner in the south market for over 40 years and a stakeholder in the neighbourhood, I have known Suzanne for a number of years. I have engaged with the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Assoc.(SLNA) over many of those years and Suzanne being president, for several terms, was always on top of things and a had a reputation of getting things done. As a secondary tenant's representative on the St, Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee, I have witnessed Suzanne's( as the SLNA representative) involvement and determination for the betterment of this Toronto Institution within the neighbourhood it serves as well as for all Torontonians. This leadership and determination are essential for representing Toronto's first neighbourhood. Suzanne will make an excellent City Councillor.

Robert Biancolin
Carousel Bakery

Scott Wilson, resident of The Distillery/Corktown

What impresses me the most about Suzanne is her complete and unwavering dedication and perseverance. She is relentless in keeping up to date with the community, walking the neighbourhood and participating in stakeholders issues that affect us all. I’ve rarely, if ever, seen such commitment to a community and advocating for residents within it. Suzanne uniquely manages to meld a deep respect of our historical past with a tireless dedication to planning the future – a park, fountain, shelter, traffic, heritage, safety….it’s all on her radar. I can’t think of a more deserving voice on Council.  

Scott Wilson
Resident of The Distillery/Corktown

Joelle Lewis, National Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations

It was through Suzanne's courage that Big Sisters Association of Ontario, Big Sisters of Canada and Big Brothers of Canada unified. Suzanne led the team and collaborated with agencies across the country. As Regional Director she ensured that agencies had their voice heard at the national table. Through her proven leadership she has the respect of the organization.  Suzanne’s commitment to hearing the authentic voices of the individual Boards from across the province gave her the understanding of the needs and the opportunities and gave legitimacy to her voice when speaking on behalf of the province at a national table.  It’s this dedication to hearing from the community and having a voice on behalf of who she serves sets Suzanne above the rest.   


Joelle Lewis National Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations

Dan Eldridge, Chair – St. Lawrence Precinct Advisory Committee

Suzanne has been key part of the St. Lawrence Precinct Advisory Committee.  Over the years she has brought wisdom and guidance to the table as we work to ensure the future of the market for years to come.   I have always valued Suzanne’s ideas and points of view on the wide-ranging topics and interests that that our organization represents.    She embodies a wealth of knowledge that she has earned over the years contributing to the area around the Market.  I have no doubt that she will take all of these learnings and experiences to the next level at City Hall as our next City Councillor.


Dan Eldridge
Chair – St. Lawrence Precinct Advisory Committee

Ole Calderone, Corktown Resident @KingSumach_O

I've been attending my local residents association in Corktown and the nearby planning-minded West Don Lands Committee for this entire decade and have represented the neighbourhood on several future-looking groups and meetings. It's important to me that sharp local details are known and understood by my City Councillor, and Suzanne Kavanagh is one of the best locally for knowing everything around here inside and out. She's been attending and representing at these same meetings for years and I trust Suzanne implicitly to continue the great forward-thinking work that has grown Corktown, the Distillery, and the new Canary District into the amazing community it's become.

Ole Calderone,
Corktown Resident @KingSumach_O

Ken Greenberg, Urban Designer, Principal, Greenberg Consultants

“I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne since 2017 when we embarked on creating Waterfront for All, an organization devoted to ensuring that the Toronto waterfront remains a unique natural and cultural resource following the guiding principles of the Crombie Commission set out over 25 years ago.  Suzanne has ably served on the Steering Committee where she has demonstrated her abilities as a great collaborator and dedicated city builder including serving as a key organizer of the highly successful inaugural Waterfront for All Summit held October 2017 which brought people together from all across the city.”


Ken Greenberg
Urban Designer, Principal, Greenberg Consultants

Delia Wright, Mother and French Teacher Parent Resources Participant

I cannot tell you what a gift it has been to have a centre like this in our neighbourhood for my daughter to make new friends.

This little meeting place brings mothers and caregivers together to share in this wonderful centre filled with indoor slides, play centres, books, puzzles and so much more. Our children are guided by a caring staff who lead us in a multicultural and sign language sing a long that makes us feel genuinely welcomed and included.

And it is all because of such caring and generous people like Suzanne Kavanagh, in our neighbourhood, who continue to advocate for larger and safer places such as these, that more children will have the same opportunity to share in these resources that bring this communities together!

Delia Wright, Mother and French Teacher
Parent Resources Participant