Campaign Gaining Momentum With Wide Variety of Residents and Businesses in Ward 21

TORONTO – July 04, 2018 – The Suzanne Kavanagh campaign for City Council in downtown Ward 21 is gaining early momentum.

“Doug Ford’s government is about to sweep in, and they’re already making cuts to vital programs and services.” Kavanagh said. “I will fight back and push for progressive city policies that will establish a positive direction for Toronto’s future.”

Kavanagh’s early momentum is due to her many years as a community builder in downtown Toronto.  Her early endorsements include 8 80’s Founder Gil Penalosa, Bentway designer Ken Greenberg and Jane Jacob’s Prize winner Cindy Wilkey.  Kavanagh is committed to making sure city services and infrastructure keep pace with the development in the rapidly growing neighbourhoods of downtown Toronto.

“Yes. There are upsides to new development, but we need to plan for a city that can actually support new development while respecting the mosaic of our community.” Kavanagh said.

Kavanagh emphasizes the vital importance of balance between development and the ability of city infrastructure to sustain it.

She is focused on improving city life for renters, condo dwellers, and small business owners.

Her plan includes bringing downtown residents into decision-making at City Hall by giving more power to the four Toronto Community Councils. She is a strong supporter of projects like the King St. Pilot, which Kavanagh says “is critical to making our streets more walkable and more safe.”

Formerly the southern half of Ward 28, the new Ward 21 has been identified as one of several “wards to watch” in the upcoming fall election.

“The new ward gives us a chance to build an even better downtown core.”Kavanagh said. “As Councillor, I will  advocate for the people of downtown Toronto. We need a strong, experienced, progressive to keep Doug Ford in check and resist his austerity agenda.”

Kavanagh’s 20-year track record as a civic leader includes work to make downtown streets walkable, accessible, and safe for pedestrians, cyclists and people of all abilities. She has led numerous community associations and committees and plans to earn a seat on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee once elected Councillor.

While the makeup of Kavanagh’s new ward is complex, her reason for running is simple; “Volunteer work and public service are in my DNA” she said “We need someone ready to serve. Now more than ever. I know I can do it. I’m ready.”

For more information about Suzanne Kavanagh, visit

Aaron Binder
Campaign Manager

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