Kavanagh opposes Ford’s plan to cut Toronto council in half and plans recourse

“After Weeks of Violence and Crisis, Ford is Kicking Us While We’re Down”

The July 26th news of Doug Ford’s plan to cut the number of Toronto city councillors in half, forcing ward boundaries to conform to provincial ridings is being met with condemnation from current Ward 21 candidate Suzanne Kavanagh.

I am deeply concerned about Doug Ford’s plan to scrap half of our city council offices – this will destabilize our government during a time of unprecedented crisis in our city” Kavanagh said. “It’s just a really, really terrible idea.”

Kavanagh believes the changes will damage the democratic process.  “Reducing the number of council seats is an anti-democratic move.  We already have problems with representation in this city.  This is an underhanded power-play that will make sure Provincial and Federal political parties can worm their way into a city government that was once non-partisan” she said. “Doug Ford is playing political games, and there will be negative consequences for millions of people.”

Kavanagh plans to fight back against this brash decision.“Ford’s actions are frankly, disgusting” she said. “After an incredibly violent year in the city’s history, Doug Ford is kicking us while we’re down, and this is just not ok. It isn’t right. I am standing up for Ward 21 and now for Toronto.”

Kavanagh also hinted at the possibility of an impending court battle with the Ford Government on behalf of Toronto candidates “There are surely grounds for a strong and coordinated legal challenge against Doug Ford and his plan to kick us while we’re down. I’ll be approaching other candidates across Toronto who’ve been running campaigns since May to coordinate our legal recourse.”

For interviews or additional information, contact campaign manager Aaron Binder at aaron@suzannekavanagh.ca.

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