TORONTO, July 10 – As part of Suzanne Kavanagh’s Green Complete Streets plan, her campaign team has begun collecting real-time road safety data throughout Ward 21.  Over the next month, the team will identify and track problems at key intersections and streets as part of Kavanagh’s commitment to creating a network of shared streets that are safe for everyone.

To make our roads safer, we need to understand how people are using them, stop sign by stop sign and street by street,” Kavanagh said. “The city is continuing to grow at a quick pace. We need to be prepared and proactive about our streets.”

A team of volunteers will fan out across the new downtown ward to audit moving violations such as rolling stops and failure to yield at crosswalks, as well as instances of blocked intersections, jaywalking and idling. They will also be looking at the effectiveness of signage and traffic-calming measures.

The campaign will use the data to propose road safety improvements in the ward, bounded by Queen’s Quay E., Shuter St., Yonge St. and Bayview Ave./River Street. In a year that has seen a surge in the number of cyclist and pedestrian deaths and injuries in Toronto, Kavanagh says, “Now, more than ever, we need strong, proven leadership at city hall to help get safe streets projects passed.”

As a city builder with a progressive urban vision, Kavanagh has a proven record of advocacy for shared green streets that safely connect the ward’s vibrant neighbourhoods. She supported the King Street Transit Pilot as president of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association and is currently working on the Gardiner Public Realm project, which includes protected bike lanes along Lakeshore Blvd. She is a strong supporter of Toronto’s goal of zero traffic-related deaths.

As Councillor, I will continue to be a strong voice for measures that make our streets walkable, accessible and safe for everyone – from drivers to cyclists and pedestrians,” she said.

In addition to her work to make downtown streets green, shareable and complete, Kavanagh’s 20-year record as a civic leader includes work to ensure that city infrastructure and services keep pace with development and working with developers to build more affordable housing. She has led numerous community associations and committees and plans to earn a seat on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee once elected.

For more detailed information about Suzanne Kavanagh’s road safety platform, visit


Aaron Binder
Campaign Manager

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