The Suzanne Kavanagh Campaign has had a busy month in Ward 21.

Hello everyone and thank you for your amazing support! Last week we delivered over 18,000 post cards to residents in Ward 21. At some point it got a little out of hand. Competitions galore sprung up: How fast can a floor be done? Who gets to the lobby first? Who finishes their end of  the street? All followed by libations at the nearest watering hole. I am humbled. You are fearless and not afraid to talk to people in elevators or on the street, and your commitment to ensuring I am the next Councillor for Ward 21 is incredible. Here’s a look at what’s coming up next.


Saturday, July 14th: I am going to the Community Police Liaison Committee BBQ at 51 Division at 51 Parliament Street  at 11 a.m., and then heading over to Toronto’s First Post Office at 12:30 p.m. on 260 Adelaide. From there we will walk 90 minutes and hear about The Battle of York. Join me – another way to get your steps in and hear stories.

Sunday, July 15:  I will be walking with John Wilson at 2 p.m. on the south side of Queen’s Quay, just east of Lower Jarvis, for a walk-through Sugar Beach, Sherbourne Common and the First Parliament Site, West Don Lands and Corktown Common, all crown jewels of our waterfront and all in Ward 21.

Saturday, July 28: If you want to do a door-to-door-canvas, we are running a training session July 28 at 11 a.m. and then lunch will be provided. We will start door knocking after the August long weekend. This we do in teams of two or four, and with me when I’m not double booked.

Wednesday, August 29 Mark your calendar for 7-9pm: Bruce Bell and I are planning an event full of stories, music and more at 115 The Esplanade (the Older Women’s Network.)

Thursday, September 20: Hold the date for a craft beer and cheese tasting at C’est What? Details to follow.

On the Agenda: Road Safety

As part of my Green Complete Streets plan, we have begun collecting real-time road safety data at intersections throughout Ward 21.  Over the next month, the team will identify and track problems at key intersections and streets as part of my commitment to creating a network of shared streets that are safe for everyone.

To make our roads safer, we need to understand how people are using them, stop sign by stop sign and street by street. As Councillor, I will continue to be a strong voice for measures that make our streets walkable, accessible and safe for everyone.

I completed the TCAT (Toronto Centre for Active Transportation) survey and submitted my answers. TCAT will publish answers later this fall and we will be posting my answers on my website. In this survey, candidates are asked how they support 15 recommendations for safe and active streets for all.

Campaign Quick Fact

Lowering speeds reduces injuries and fatalities. Organizations from the World Health Organization to the City of Toronto all agree and I have the political will to make it happen.

Get Involved

To volunteer, donate or learn more about the Suzanne Kavanagh campaign for City Council, visit Stay cool this week – another heat wave is upon us. Also, if you are looking for a way to get your steps in, reach out to Aaron at and get some post cards to deliver to air-conditioned buildings.

Thanks to those who walked with me in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association Canada Day Parade. It was a hot day and we had fun getting the kids face-painted before we started our slow walk to St. James Park.  And yes, we even did more post card deliveries.
Thanks again! Just 104 days to go.


Suzanne for Ward 21

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