Suzanne Kavanagh Campaign Kickoff May 29

May 29, Toronto – Suzanne Kavanagh launched her campaign for City Councillor for Toronto’s Ward 21 with a promise to listen and learn from the constituents of the ward’s diverse neighbourhoods.

“My commitment to you is that your voices will be heard,” Kavanagh told supporters gathered at family-owned Mangia et Bevi on King St. E.

Kavanagh, who moved to the ward in 1996, said her reasons for running are simple: “All I keep saying is that volunteer work and public service are in my DNA,” she said.

Kavanagh’s priorities as a candidate and long-time resident of the high-growth ward include livable communities with robust infrastructure and services, heritage conservation, quality affordable housing and reliable, accessible transit.

Representing the ward has been a dream for more than a decade for Kavanagh, who spoke of the inspiring legacy of late deputy mayor Pam McConnell, a tireless advocate for social justice who served as Councillor for Toronto-Centre-Rosedale for more than 20 years.

“She was a friend, mentor and collaborator,” Kavanagh said, adding that the months since McConnell’s death last July have been challenging for the community. “Pam set the bar very high.”

Kavanagh is past president of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, chair of the St. Lawrence Heritage Conservation District, member of the Waterfront for All Summit steering committee and member of the West Don Lands committee. Her record of advocacy and civic activism dates from 1995 when she joined Big Sisters of Canada as president.

SLNA president Sharon McMillan said that when she googled “St. Lawrence neighbourhood” while researching a move downtown four years ago, Kavanagh’s name was a constant among the results. McMillan was struck by Kavanagh’s passion for the joys of city living and her non-partisan agenda as a voice for the community.

“It is now time for Suzanne to become the official advocate and champion for our ward,” McMillan said.

  1. Harvey Kaye says:

    I had the pleasure of dealing with Suzanne as a good neighbour, and when she was on the Board of Directors of our condominium, both when I served, and when she served as President and other positions. I know she volunteered for many years for various community organizations.

    When I was President, Suzanne served in various roles, and I served as her Vice-President for one year.

    In all those various configurations, Suzanne always impressed me with her “get it done, and done right attitude”. When considering options, she invariably sought to, follow rules and legislation to the letter, always considered her community, the “big picture”, and I never once felt she was in it for herself.

    I always felt if I needed something done, both right and on schedule, Suzanne was the person to give sometime to do.

    Community minded is the first thing I think of when I think of Suzanne. I feel she will be an enormous asset to city council and the community.

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