Ward 21 Policy

A Progressive Urban Vision for Ward 21


Now more than ever Toronto needs proven, experienced leadership at City Hall. With a 20-year record of extensive advocacy work in Ward 21, Suzanne Kavanagh is that leader. Suzanne has advocated for better livability, more green space, street safety and sensible development. Here are her top priorities for the Ward:

Quality Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is an urgent issue that needs to be tackled by an experienced leader. Suzanne has the experience to be tough but fair with developers. Toronto will continue to grow, and Suzanne will make sure it grows properly for existing residents and newcomers in Ward 21.

Suzanne's priorities for Affordable Housing include:

  • Give condo boards all available resources to keep costs in check and condo fees down.
  • The renewal of Moss Park apartments to improve quality of housing and community livability.
  • A mandatory minimum of 10% mixed income units for all new developments.
  • Pushing for more developments with affordable 2 and 3 bedroom units
  • Working to keep housing accessible for the ward’s renters and owners alike.

Safe, Reliable and Accessible Transportation

Transit and mobility are not only about transportation and traffic – for Suzanne, it’s about making our streets safe for all. A strong supporter of projects such as the King Street Pilot and Toronto’s Vision Zero plan, Suzanne will fight for real solutions instead of compromise on these projects.

As Councillor, Suzanne will:

  • Work with other Councillors to improve road safety across Toronto by listening to evidence from city staff and residents.
  • Streamline and accelerate the traffic-calming process in the ward through short and long-term solutions such as painted asphalt, physical barriers, and better education.
  • Work with city staff to build better road solutions for drivers and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
  • Implement concrete barriers for existing arterial bike lanes on Richmond, Adelaide and Sherbourne streets – immediately.
  • Connect disparate bike lanes to make cycling a more viable form of transport for all experience levels.
  • Work with the TTC to make sure our public transit is truly accessible for people of all abilities in the city.

Homelessness and Shelters

Sharply rising housing costs and potential provincial cuts mean that at-risk individuals will be even more likely to become homeless. We need to make sure that safety nets are in place to get them back into housing and jobs.  Every Winter, Torontonians hear the same story about shelters being dangerous and overcrowded.

Suzanne’s plan to support our most vulnerable includes:

  • Recognize that shelters can be dehumanizing and opening more of them is simply a band-aid solution.
  • Funding mental health programs and supportive housing to get people off the streets and keep them there.

Livable Communities

Suzanne believes in building welcoming communities. Inspiring residents to live better, move more and enjoy the outdoors is important to maintaining healthy communities. This starts with ensuring that developers understand the needs of communities before they start digging.

Suzanne’s plans to ensure the neighbourhoods of Ward 21 continue to thrive as the city grows include:

  • Bringing downtown residents into decision-making at City Hall by giving more power to the four Toronto Community Councils.
  • Better communication between developers and city residents.
  • Keep listening and working with the residents and businesses of Moss Park on neighbourhood improvements.
  • Continue working to add pedestrian green space and cycling paths under the Gardiner similar to The Bentway.
  • Making sure new development keeps pace with the city’s ability to support it.
  • Collaboration with neighbouring Councillors to create more green streets in the Garden District, Shuter Street and Don Valley.

Heritage Conservation

Ward 21 is full of heritage and history. Cultural preservation is not just about bricks and mortar, but also about the stories that helped shape our neighbourhoods. Suzanne’s work with a number of organizations means she is committed to ensuring that history informs progress in the ward.

Suzanne’s priorities include:

  • Ensuring new developments make sense and don’t diminish the impact of heritage buildings on streetscapes.
  • Continuing to work with Toronto Public Library and Heritage Interpretation Strategy team on plans for the First Parliament Project at Front and Parliament Streets.
  • Working with developers to ensure new buildings take into account historic characteristics in terms of height and density in areas like Corktown.